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Springfield Stamp Club Library: Other Library Items

The materials in the library are available to any member who would like to borrow them.

Please contact the club librarian at the e-mail address below to check on the status of any items you wish to borrow.

VHS Video Tape

(two copies available)

The Video Guide to Stamp Collecting Gary Burghoff (MASH's Radar) is the narrator. Gary shows hundreds of stamps as he explains and illustrates types of stamps and collections, where to get stamps and how to care for them, stamps as investments, and many more topics. Combines the practical How-to's of collecting with insider advice. Endorsed by APS.
. Postal History Journals Volumes 33 through 39 & 42 through 69
. Philatelic Exhibitor 1990 Jan., Apr., Jul. issues
. Calgary Stampede 1990 Feb., Apr., Jun., Oct., Dec. issues
. The Texas Philatelist 1990 Vol. 38 issues 1 through 6
. The Posthorn - Journal of Scandinavian Collectors Club 1990 issues - Feb., May, Aug., Nov.
. British Caribbean Philatelic Journal 1992 issues - Mar., Jun., Sep., Dec.
. Forerunners - Journal of the Philatelic Society for Greater Southern Africa Feb/May 1990, July/Oct 1990, Mar/Jun 1992,
Jul/Oct 1992, Nov/Feb 1993
. The Canadian Connection 1992 issues Mar., Jun., Sep., Dec.
. The Philatelic Communicator 1992 issues complete
. Watercraft Philately 1989 issues Jul/Aug, Sep/Oct, 1990 issues Jan/Feb, Mar/Apr, May/Jun
. The China Clipper 9/89, 1/90, 3/90, 5/90, 7/90, 9/90 issues