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Springfield Stamp Club Library: Monographs

The materials in the library are available to any member who would like to borrow them.

Please contact the club librarian at the e-mail address below to check on the status of any items you wish to borrow.

Springfield Stamp Club The R.P.O. - What was it? This monograph is the first of a series published by the Springfield Stamp Club and provided to attendees at the annual Springpex Stamp Exhibition and Bourse. This monograph was compiled by members of the Mobile Post Office Society to explain the features of the most common transit postmark, the "R.P.O.".
Springfield Stamp Club Transatlantic Mails This monograph is the second of a series. This monograph discusses the transmittal of mail via ships.
Springfield Stamp Club Catapult Mail This monograph is the third of a series. It highlights several of the "forerunners" and related ship-to-shore activities which preceded true commercial catapult flights, outlines the contribution of military aviation to their development, and presents a summary of the commercial catapult mail services provided across the North and South Atlantic from 1928 to 1938.
Springfield Stamp Club Mails Across the Isthmus 1840-1955 Fourth in a series of monographs, and discusses the history of mails in Panama.
Springfield Stamp Club Fairfax County Post Offices 1750 - 1890 by Mayo S. Stuntz & Robert L. Lisbeth Fifth in a series of monographs. It identifies the establishment and location of post offices in Fairfax
Springfield Stamp Club

Potomac River Mails Prior to 1861 by Thomas E. Stanton

Sixth in a series of monographs. This article discusses the mail transportation contracts between the Post Office Department and the steamboat (and railroad) companies up to the time the boats were seized by the U.S. Government at the onset of the Civil War.
Springfield Stamp Club The Hole Truth - The Perforating of U.S. Postage Stamps by John M. Hotchner Seventh in a series of monographs. It contains illustrations from the author's international award winning exhibit "Stamp Separation: From 1840 to Modern Times".
Springfield Stamp Club Virginia Postal History 1607 - 1790 by Robert Lisbeth Eighth in a series of monographs, and contains the history of the transmission of letters in early Virginia.
Springfield Stamp Club The North Versus the South 1860 - 1865 by Bob Karrer Ninth in a series of monographs produced for Springpex. This monograph depicts the postal story of the Southern side of the Civil War through covers from the author's collection of South Carolina material.
Springfield Stamp Club The Postal History of Christmas Seals by Doug Lehman Tenth in a series of monographs produced for Springpex. This 1990 monograph discusses the fascinating aspects of collecting Christmas Seals.
Springfield Stamp Club The First United States Postal Museum by Herbert Collins Eleventh in a series of monographs produced for Springpex. This 1991 monograph identifies the creation of the National Postal History Museum.
Springfield Stamp Club Meter Postage Stamps by Howard Lucas Twelfth in a series of monographs produced for Springpex. This 1992 monograph identifies the broad aspects and fun of collecting meter postage stamps.