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Schedule of Meetings for October 2018

Please Note: If Fairfax County Schools Close due to weather there will be No Meeting.

Schedule for SSC for the month of January at at Lynbrook Elementary:
January 2nd
No Meeting (schools closed/still on holiday break)
January 9th
Business Meeting -- election of new officers for 2019
January 16th
Trading Session -- Silent Auction
January 23rd
Business meeting -- Presentation by Bill Geary, "Censored Mail"
January 30th
Monthly Club Auction
*Schedule may be updated to reflect yet undetermined presentation(s) on any meeting nights and/or if the school should make any changes to it's Family Science Night.
Members are reminded that the above schedule is always dependent on wether the school is open, and should Fairfax schools be closed for weather, or any other reason, any meetings for those nights would be cancelled as well.